Work Permit Holder Welfare Review Panel

​The Work Permit Holder Welfare Review Panel has been established to examine the effectiveness of the Work Permit Policy and whether it provides adequate protection to workers from possible exploitation and Modern-Day Slavery.

In order to determine how robust the policy is in protecting the welfare of workers, the Panel will be seeking evidence from work permit holders, employers, community groups and Government Ministers and Departments.

A work permit is required by anyone who needs immigration permission to live and work in Jersey. The permits are applied for by prospective employers and are used for temporary and for skilled workers.

Terms of Reference:
  1. To examine and consider the process of obtaining a Jersey work permit, to include;
    1. the relationship between Jersey work permits and UK visas; and
    2. the information provided to applicants during the application process;
    3. the funding requirements of the Jersey work permit application process.
  2. To examine Jersey's Work Permit Policy and determine its effectiveness in:
    1. ensuring the welfare of work permit holders;
    2. protecting work permit holders from exploitation and 'Modern Day Slavery';
    3. providing guidance in relation to supplementary employment, variation of employment contracts, termination of employment, accommodation and employment disputes.
  3. To identify and assess the welfare obligations placed on employers of work permit holders and to examine:
    1. any relevant guidance or support provided by the Government; and
    2. any relevant legislation;
    3. how fulfilment of the obligations is reviewed.
  4. To identify and assess:
    1. the financial obligations that employers and work permit holders have to the Government; and
    2. any Government services or benefits available or not available to temporary work permit holders.
  5. To identify and consider temporary work permit holder protection practices in other relevant jurisdictions.

The Work Permit Holder Welfare Review Panel is not currently scheduled to meet.

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