Common Strategic Policy Review Panel

​What is the review about?

The Common Strategic Policy Review Panel has been established to examine the Common Strategic Policy 2024-2026 lodge by the Council of Ministers on the 9th April 2024. This Policy sets out 12 priorities that the Council of Ministers believe will deliver meaningful and measurable progress. 

As the Common Strategic Policy is an overarching Policy, the Scrutiny Liaison Committee decided the most efficient method to question on the Common Strategic Policy would be for all Scrutiny Panel Chairs to form a Review Panel on the topic.   

It has been identified that there are possible gaps in the Common Strategic Policy (CSP) and essential areas that have not been covered within the Policy. Understanding how the strategic issues are covered within the CSP, may help the Review Panel draw a conclusion. 

Terms of reference

  1. To examine the recently lodged Common Strategic Policy P.21/2024 and how it relates to the requirements of the Island. 
  2. To consider how the Policy was formulated and how priorities were identified
  3. To consider any gaps within the Policy.
  4. To analyse how Policy will be formed in the future. 

The Common Strategic Policy Review Panel is not currently scheduled to meet.

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