Government Plan Review Panel

What is the Government Plan Review Panel

The Government Plan Review Panel is formed of the Chair's of each of the Standing Scrutiny Panels and PAC. The Review Panel convenes every year to provide oversight of the Government Plan Review by individual Scrutiny Panels and also examine the high level proposals within the Government Plan including overall expenditure, borrowing and taxation measures amongst other key issues.

What is the Government Plan?

The Government Plan replaces the previous Medium Term Financial Plans. These detail income and expenditure forecasts for the subsequent four financial years following Assembly approval.

The Government Plan includes a definitive plan for the first succeeding financial year, and similar projections for the following three financial years. A new Government Plan will be devised and approved by the Assembly annually and will see a 12 week lodging period. Details of the plan will include:

  • Estimated income and expenditure of the Consolidated Fund
  • Amounts to be internally transferred between States funds
  • Any other proposed financing
  • Major projects and their proposed costs
  • Estimated income and expenditure from States trading operations to be paid into the States trading operations Fund
  • Amounts to be appropriated from the Consolidated and States trading operations funds for the next financial year
  • Estimated amounts in States funds at the start and finish of each financial year

The Government Plan aims to shift the general focus from income and expenditure to the underlying projects and strategic priorities being funded.

Key Issues:

  • Will the Government Plan meet the requirements of the Public Finances (Jersey) Law 2019?
  • Will the Government Plan meet the Common Strategic Priorities?
  • Is expenditure appropriately apportioned to projects and departments?
  • Does income balance with expenditure?

The Government Plan Review Panel is not currently scheduled to meet.

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