What is the States Assembly?

Jersey has been a dependency of the English Crown for many centuries and the Island is self-governing in all domestic matters and, increasingly, in many international matters as well.

The States Assembly, or the States of Jersey as it is also known, is the parliament of Jersey.

The States Assembly is responsible for:

  • making new laws and regulations
  • approving the amount of public money to be spent by the States every year
  • approving the amount of tax to be raised
  • holding Ministers to account

The Assembly appoints the Chief Minister and Ministers as well as chairmen and members of various committees and panels. The Assembly can also remove members from these positions.

The Assembly debates a wide variety of policy matters which can be brought forward for debate by the Council of Ministers, by Ministers or by individual members. Members are also able to ask questions to find out information and to hold Ministers to account.

Election of States members

Anyone over the age of 16 who has been in Jersey for at least 2 years (or who has lived here for at least 5 years in the past and been back for at least 6 months) is entitled to vote in elections to select the members of the States. To stand for elections, candidates must be at least 18 years old and be British citizens who are entitled to be registered to vote.

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