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Election of Chief Minister

Senator Ian Gorst was appointed as Chief Minister on 3rd November 2014 and he will therefore lead the Council of Ministers until the next elections in 2018

Senator Ian Gorst was first elected to the States in December 2005 as Deputy of St. Clement. He served as an Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister's Department and in the Treasury and Resources Department for 3 years and was then appointed as Minister for Social Security in 2008. He was elected as a Senator with an island-wide mandate in the October 2011 elections and was then elected by the Assembly as Chief Minister on 14th November 2011, beating Senator Sir Philip Bailhache by 27 votes to 24 in an open ballot. Senator Gorst was re-elected as a Senator in October 2014 and was re-appointed as Chief Minister on 3rd November 2014, being the only member nominated for the post.

As part of the selection process for Chief Minister, Senator Gorst had to submit a written statement in advance, setting out his proposed policies as Chief Minister and the way in which he would undertake the duties involved. In the Assembly he spoke for 10 minutes and was asked questions for 40 minutes before being appointed. The speech, questions and written statement are published in the Hansard transcript for 3rd November 2014.

2014.11.03 States - Edited Transcript.pdf

The Chief Minister appointed Senator Andrew Green, M.B.E., Minister for Health and Social Services, as his Deputy Chief Minister.