Democratic Accountability and Governance Sub-Committee

​​The Privileges and Procedures Committee has established a Sub-Committee in order to review Jersey's system of government.


Recent activity

The Sub-Committee published its final report on Friday 18th February and made a number of key findings and recommendations for the Government and States Assembly to consider further. One of the main recommendations made by the Sub-Committee was to create a Cabinet Office type function in order to address concerns about Ministerial alignment to departments. Read the report here.

Terms of reference

AIM: To undertake a review of the accountability of government to the public and the Assembly, with a view to making recommendations for improvement.

DELIVERABLES: A report to PPC that sets out the Sub-Committee's findings in respect of the issues to be addressed. This report should define any problems with the current system of government and should also contain recommendations to resolve those problems.



  • The roles of the Council of Ministers, the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Ministers, Assistant Ministers, and the States Employment Board and how they may be held to account by the public and the Assembly.
  • The relationship between ministerial structures and civil service structures in relation to policy development, implementation and operational management, particularly in view of the development of the OneGov project, and how this affects accountability to the public and the Assembly.
  • The role of Scrutiny and the Public Accounts Committee in holding the executive to account.
  • Whether the current ministerial and scrutiny portfolios set out in Standing Orders remain appropriate or whether there is an alternative structure, or an alternative system for electing Members to ministerial office or Scrutiny, which would enhance accountability and effectiveness.
  • Opportunities for States members to be engaged in the process of government.


  • Matters in relation to the efficient use of resources to achieve value for money.
  • The maintenance of standards of performance through financial management and forms of governance.
  • Consideration of the accounting officer structure.
  • Changing from a ministerial system of government to an alternative system, although the review will consider how the best aspects of the former committee system could be incorporated within the current system.

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