Jersey Appointments Commission

​The Jersey Appointments Commission is responsible for overseeing the recruitment of States employees. Members of the Appointments Commission are appointed by the States.

Dame J. Paraskeva, appointed 24th September 2014 for 4 years under P.147/2014

Deputy Chair
Ms. G. Liew, appointed 2nd December 2015 for 3 years under P.131/2015


Mrs. L. Read, appointed 12th May 2015 for 4 years under P.33/2015
Professor E. Sallis, O.B.E., re-appointed 16th November 2017, effective until 31st October 2019, under P.92/2017
Mrs. J. Carnegie, appointed on 18th January 2018 for 4 years, effective until 31st January 2022, under P.127/2017
Mr. P. Charalambous

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