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States Members Remuneration

In April 2022, the States Assembly agreed a new system for setting States Members' pay through the implementation of the States of Jersey (Remuneration of Elected Members) Law 2022. The new system replaces the previous arrangements for setting Members' pay including the States Members' Remuneration Review Body.

The Privileges and Procedures Committee is responsible for recommending to the States Assembly the appointment of an independent reviewer to carry out a review. The reviewer must provide their report within 12 months of being appointed. The reviewer must consult the Minister for Treasury and Resources and other States Members as part of their work, but the reviewer's determination is final and cannot be changed by States Members

The reviewer's report must specify Members' remuneration and the date when any change takes effect, explaining the rationale for both.

Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long was appointed as States Members' Remuneration Reviewer in February 2023. Jennifer is an independent consultant based in the UK but working in many jurisdictions internationally. She has first-hand experience as a clerk in two parliaments and also led the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority's most recent statutory review of Westminster MP's pay, informed by dialogue with the devolved parliaments. She is therefore familiar with the special challenges of determining and communicating the remuneration of parliamentarians, and with the kinds of data and techniques which can help arrive at an appropriate approach.

Consultation on proposals

On 11 September 2023, the States Members' Remuneration Reviewer launched a public consultation on proposals for the determination of States Members' pay and other recommendations on matters related to their remuneration.  

You can read the consultation document here 

Webinar recording:

A live webinar and Q&A session with Jennifer Long, Remuneration Reviewer, took place on Wednesday 20 September. The presentation featured an explanation of the consultation and the Reviewer's proposals, and was followed by an opportunity for viewers to ask questions about States Members' Remuneration.

Watch the recording:

Final Report – Determination of States Members' Remuneration

On 16th October 2023, the Remuneration Reviewer published her final report which provides her determination for the remuneration (pay) of States Members. The report also summarises the key points made by respondents to the consultation process (undertaken in September), context for the formal determination of States Members' pay and recommendations for the States Assembly to consider on other matters which relate to States Members' pay.

You can read the report here.

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