Bailiff announces he will retire next year

12th September 2018

‚ÄčThe Bailiff, Sir William Bailhache, will retire from public office in October 2019.

His retirement was announced during yesterday's States sitting (Tuesday 11th September 2018) by the Deputy Bailiff, Tim Le Cocq.

Sir William was appointed as Bailiff in January 2015 will retire from office on 12th October 2019. In a statement read by the Deputy Bailiff in the States, he said: "I should like to take the opportunity to say that, like my predecessors, I have tried to be useful in the role as presiding officer in this Asssembly, a role which is not always straightforward, and sometime positively challenging, but it has been stimulating and, notwithstanding the debate about the role of the Bailiff in the Assembly, I have always appreciated that members have approached that subject without personal rancour."

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