Citizens' Assembly to begin tackling climate change

12th March 2021

Jersey’s newly appointed Citizens’ Assembly on climate change is meeting for the first time tomorrow, Saturday, 13 March.

The Citizens’ Assembly, made up of 45 randomly selected Islanders, will take part in 14 virtual meetings between March and May, during which they will consider how we should work together, as an Island, to become carbon neutral. The sessions have been arranged into four blocks, each with a distinct focus:

Block 1

13 – 17 March

Sessions 1 – 4

An introduction to the climate change issues facing Jersey

Block 2

27 – 31 March

Sessions 5 - 8

The contribution of transport to Jersey's emissions

Block 3

17 – 21 April

Sessions 9 - 12

The impact of heating, cooling, cooking, what we buy, where we travel and local businesses on the Island's emissions

Block 4

8 –12 May

Sessions 13 - 14

Agree recommendations, including preferred policy changes

At the end of the 14 sessions, the Citizens’ Assembly will produce a set of recommendations as to how and when they believe Jersey should become carbon neutral. These recommendations will be presented to both the States Assembly – Jersey’s elected Parliament – and the Government, to help inform future policy.

To inform deliberations by the Citizens’ Assembly, subject-matter expects (SMEs) will deliver presentations about specific aspects of climate change. The Citizens' Assembly will also hear the outcomes of the first phase of Jersey’s Climate Conversation – a six-week online forum during which all Islanders were invited to share their views on a variety of climate change issues. At the end of each content block, these expert presentations will be publicly available on the Climate Conversation website, and whilst individual deliberations between members of the Assembly will remain confidential, a summary will be shared by the Chair-Convenor of the Citizens’ Assembly, Emelita Robbins.

Ms Robbins commented “I am really looking forward to the commencement of the Citizens’ Assembly tomorrow and to start working with the assembly members. There will be a lot of information and presentations provided and I anticipate a lot of energy and enthusiasm from assembly members. I know they are already very engaged.

I really believe that a 'whole island ownership' of the climate change challenge is critical to agreeing and achieving what will be an ambitious path to a carbon neutral future - and its success. The Citizens’ Assembly is a first for Jersey, and it demonstrates a genuine commitment by the States Assembly – Jersey’s elected Parliament – and the Government to take a wider collaborative approach to the issue and the development of policy in Jersey.  It’s the start of a hugely exciting approach for Jersey".

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