Complaints Processes and Resolution to be Examined

18th June 2020

The Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel has today announced a review which will seek to examine the complaints processes across the Government of Jersey, States Assembly, the Courts and the Parish System. The review will also look at the means of redress available to members of the public and also identify the policies which underpin the processes and hold officials and staff to account.

 In its previous report which examined the response to recommendations five to eight of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (IJCI), the Panel received several submissions which highlighted continuing concerns about complaints processes, the redress available and the means by which officials are held to account for their actions in the Island. Within the report the Panel concluded that a further examination of the policies and procedures governing these matters was required.

 The review will therefore focus on identifying and examining the current complaints procedures across the four branches of public administration to ensure they are open, transparent and accessible to the general public. It will assess the means of redress available to those who raise a grievance and identify the policies and procedures by which officials are held to account for their decisions and actions. It will also seek to identify any future work that is being carried out in order to improve confidence in the systems of governance and address the recommendations of the IJCI.

 The Review Panel is interested to hear views from anyone with experience of the systems that are currently in place. Whilst the Panel is also interested to hear any personal experiences of these systems, it would like to be clear that the review cannot assist in the resolution of any ongoing personal cases or grievances. The Panel would like to invite submissions from individuals or organisations by Friday 21st August by emailing or

 Deputy Rob Ward commented: ''As a Panel we have received a number of submissions which have highlighted concerns about how complaints are managed, ultimately resolved (or not) and what action is taken as a result. This doesn't just apply to Government but all areas of public administration. This review is seeking to identify what we have in place in the Island across the four branches of public administration and help make constructive recommendations about how best to improve these systems where necessary and increase public confidence in them. It is important to reiterate that this review is not intended to resolve any ongoing personal cases or grievances, however, we are interested to hear the views of those with experience of these systems and processes."

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