Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel Hearing

26th August 2021

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel has held a public hearing with Deputy Susie Pinel, Minister for Treasury and Resources and Richard Summersgill, The Comptroller of Revenue.

A number of key findings were identified during the hearing:

  1. The Minister for Treasury and Resource confirmed that all married couples will be written to and the new taxation formula will be published.
  2. The Minister also agreed to releasing the redacted RPDB (Revenue Policy Development Board) minutes which date back to Feb. 2019 when they were last published before the matter is debated in the States Assembly.
  3. The Minister has introduced a compensation scheme so that couples on lower incomes are not worse off as a result of the move to independent taxation, however the panel learnt that some couples who are better off will benefit from the change. This will cost the Treasury £4 million a year in lost revenue.
  4. The new independent taxation change relies heavily on a computer system change and will require an administration cost of £1.25 million - £1.5 million.
  5. The panel has received many scrutiny review submissions so far, including one from local tax expert, John Shenton, his comments can be viewed here – Submission - Independent Taxation Review - John Shenton - 24th August 2021 (
  6. The panel encourages people to get in touch and let Scrutiny know what they think about the proposed introduction of independent taxation via the link below.

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