Election Period restrictions for States Assembly

11th May 2022

​As the Election Period has begun, the work of the States Assembly is restricted in order to maintain an impartial election.

From today, when nominations for election candidates open, the States Assembly cannot meet until after the election on 22 June. In addition, propositions cannot be lodged for debate and States Members may not submit questions. However, the Standing Orders do allow for business to be conducted in an emergency, should one arise before the election.

In line with these restrictions, and to correspond with those introduced by the Government on Minister's activities, the public facing work of Scrutiny Panels and the Public Accounts Committee will also cease during this time.

Restrictions will also apply to the e-petitions system that is administered by the States Greffe. Whilst new e-petitions can be created, if an e-petition were to reach 1,000 signatures during this time the Ministerial response will not be published until after the Election Period has ended. If a petition were to reach 5,000 signatures, it would be considered for debate by the new States Assembly following the election.

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