Ministers respond to Long-Term Care report

26th June 2018

‚ÄčThe Departments for Health and Social Services and Social Security have published a joint response to a Scrutiny report on the Long-Term Care Scheme.

The Health and Social Security Panel's report recognised that the LTC Scheme is amongst the best internationally in terms of the balance of responsibility between the government and individuals. However, it highlighted that the Scheme should be more personalised to the individual and that individuals are able to access respite more easily, particularly when urgent or unplanned.

The majority of the Panel's findings and recommendations were accepted or partially accepted by the Ministers.

Deputy Mary Le Hegarat, Chair of the Panel, said:

"I welcome the response from the Ministers for Health and Social Services and Social Security to my predecessor Panel's report into the Long-Term Care Scheme. The Ministers have accepted most of the Panel's recommendations and committed to conducting several reviews into specific aspects of the scheme. We will monitor the Ministers' progress and ensure that the scheme continues to improve."

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