New scrutiny panels appointed

13th June 2018

Members and chairmen of scrutiny panels and the Public Accounts Committee have been appointed by the States. The appointments were made on Friday 8th and Tuesday 12th June 2018 and are:

Public Accounts Committee

Senator Sarah Ferguson, Chair

Deputy Rowland Huelin

Deputy Carina Alves

The Public Accounts Committee is made up of a combination of States members and lay members. The Committee will now start the process of appointing lay-members.

Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel

Senator Kristina Moore, Chair

Connétable Karen Shenton-Stone

Connétable Richard Vibert

Deputy Steve Ahier

Deputy Jess Perchard

Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel

Deputy Kirsten Morel, Chair

Deputy David Johnson

Deputy Scott Wickenden

Deputy Kevin Pamplin

Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel

Deputy Robert Ward, Chair

Connétable Simon Crowcroft

Deputy Rowland Huelin

Deputy Trevor Pointon

Deputy Jess Perchard

Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel

Connétable Mike Jackson, Chair

Connétable Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard

Connétable John Le Maistre

Deputy Kirsten Morel

Health and Social Security Scrutiny Panel

Deputy Mary Le Hegarat, Chair

Deputy Trevor Pointon

Deputy Carina Alves

Deputy Kevin Pamplin

Chairmen's Committee

The Chair of each scrutiny panel and the Public Accounts Committee make up the Chairmen's Committee. One member will be appointed as president of the Chairmen's Committee. This will be voted on by the States Assembly on 26th June 2018.

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