Scrutiny proposes 10 amendments to Government Plan

10 Scrutiny Amendments to Government Plan 2020-2023

20th November 2019

Scrutiny has proposed a total of 10 amendments following its review of the first-ever Government Plan for 2020-2023.

The Government Plan is a new initiative, which brings to life the five strategic priorities that the States Assembly unanimously approved for this Government’s term of office, as well as bringing together the Government’s proposals for both income generation and spending.

The States Assembly will debate the Government Plan proposition (P.71) during what is likely to be a week’s long States debate from Monday 25th November at 2.30pm. These 10 amendments, as well as amendments by other Members and the Council of Ministers, will also be debated throughout the course of the week.

Scrutiny’s 10 amendments to the Government Plan:

  1. Temporarily Remove the ‘Efficiencies Programme’ from the Government Plan
  2. Increase stamp duty rate for properties above £1 million
  3. Allocate £5 million in 2020 for a loan deposit scheme for first time buyers
  4. Reduce the proposed increase to Long Term Care from 1% to 0.5%
  5. Increase tax allowances for children
  6. Increase the ‘Food Cost Bonus’ in line with inflation
  7. Increase spending on the maintenance of sports facilities by £125K to a total of £250K
  8. Remove the ‘Financial Stability Board’ project completely from the Government Plan
  9. Change the source of the transfer of £5 million in funds to the ‘Climate Emergency Fund’ from the ‘Consolidated Fund’ (as currently proposed) to the ‘Strategic Reserve Fund’
  10. Reduce the proposed increase in fuel duty from 6p to 4p

The final outcome of the Plan will impact Jersey’s economy, health, environment, children and inclusivity, as well as the modernisation of Government, over the next four years. You can watch the debate live online on the States Assembly website.

Scrutiny Panels work on behalf of the States Assembly (Jersey’s parliament) to examine and investigate the work of the Government – it is the way that the States Assembly holds ministers to account for their decisions and actions. They do this by reviewing and publishing reports on several areas, such as the Government Plan, new laws and changes to existing laws, and Government expenditure. This helps improve government policies, legislation and public services for all Islanders.​

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