States Employment Board review response raises concerns for Scrutiny

1st November 2021

​The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel has sent a letter to the States Employment Board (SEB). It follows SEB's response to the Panel's People and Culture report. The report examined the Government of Jersey's strategy, policies and procedures, focusing specifically on bullying and harassment, exit interviews, disciplinary and culture. 

The Panel is concerned that one of its findings has been misinterpreted. The Corporates Services' report found that SEB has chosen to engage only one independent adviser to inform its work when it is legally allowed two. It is the Panel's view that SEB is not making the full use of the number of advisers available to it, and additional advice is always useful when dealing with complex matters such as SEB's work.

The Panel has also raised concerns regarding the way in which States Employment Board minutes are provided to Scrutiny. As the responsibility for scrutinising SEB lies with the Corporate Services Panel, the Panel expect these minutes to be provided, as they have been for the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Senator Kristina Moore, Chair of the Corporate Services Panel, commented: "We are formally considering States Employment Board's response to our People and Culture report with our adviser, yet would like to raise some initial concerns at this stage. The working culture within Government is an important topic which affects many Islanders, so it is crucial that we ensure our findings have been interpreted correctly and full transparency is provided to the Panel in the form of minutes."

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