States Assembly decisions on 4 June 2019

5th June 2019

​On 4 June 2019, the States Assembly adopted the Public Finances (Jersey) Law.  The Law aims to improve and modernise the way that public finances are managed and administered.  Deputy Susie Pinel, Minister for Treasury and Resources, proposed the Law and it was subject to a number of amendments from the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel.  The Law was adopted in Third Reading by 40 votes to 4.

States members also approved a proposition from Deputy Jeremy Maçon (P.30/2019) that there should be consultation on how cats can be given extra protection if they are killed or injured in a road accident.  The proposition was adopted with 45 votes for and none against.

The Assembly also agreed that Green Street should be made permanently one-way to traffic, running south to north from Havre des Pas to the roundabout on Route du Fort.  The proposition (P.50/2019) was proposed by Deputy Russell Labey and was adopted by 28 votes to 19.

Also on 4 June 2019, the Assembly adopted the Taxation (Companies - Economic Substance) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law and appointed Deputy Jess Perchard as a member of the Privileges and Procedures Committee.  The Chairman of the States Employment Board, Senator John Le Fondré, made a statement about public sector pay negotiations.

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