States Meeting Summary

7th October 2021


Connétable Marcus Troy was appointed as a member of the Planning Committee.

Oral questions with notice

Non-executive States Members asked Ministers oral questions with notice for two hours and 20 minutes.

See what questions were asked by skipping to page 6 of the Order Paper. Listen to Ministers' answers to questions by watching back the recording here.

Oral questions without notice                      

After questions with notice, non-executive States Members asked the following Ministers questions without notice for 45 minutes (15 minutes each):

  • The Minister for International Development, Deputy Carolyn Labey
  • The Minister for Treasury and Resources, Deputy Susie Pinel
  • The Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré

Catch up on questions without notice by listening to the recording which will be uploaded here within the next few days. 

Public business

Draft Road Traffic Proposition

The Minister for Infrastructure proposed an amendment to the Draft Road Traffic regulations which concerns reporting car accidents involving cats. The States Assembly voted to APPROVE this proposition. See how States Members voted here.

GST Amendment

The Minister for Treasury and Resources proposed an amendment to GST. The States Assembly voted to APPROVE this proposition. See how States Members voted hereThis proposition makes it law to comply with a requirement to file a GST return and extend the Comptroller and Auditor General's power to amend assessments and provisions. See how States Members voted here.

Conservation and Tree Protection 

The Minister for the Environment proposed an amendment to provide more protection to trees and the natural environment. The proposal has been deferred so that the Environment, Housing & Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel can review the proposition. Following the review, the States Assembly will continue to debate the proposition in Jan. 2022. See how States Members voted here

Our Hospital Budget 

On behalf of the Council of Ministers, the Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture proposed the £804.5 million budget for the new hospital at Overdale, as amended by the Connétable of St. Helier. The Future Hospital Review Panel proposed an amendment which requested to reduce this budget to £550 million. However, after a lengthy debate, the States Assembly voted to REJECT the Future Hospital Review Panel’s amendment. See how States Members voted hereFollowing this, the States Assembly voted to APPROVE the Council of Minister's proposition, as amended by the Connétable of St. Helier. See how States Members voted here

The States Assembly will meet again tomorrow, Friday 8 October, to begin the debate on the Draft Electronic Communications proposition. 

The States Assembly will resume tomorrow, Friday 8 October, at 9:30am. 

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