Fair rents e-petition debated by the States

12th March 2019

​The first electronic petition to reach more than 5,000 signatures was debated by the States Assembly today (Tuesday 12th March 2019).

The e-petition asked for legislation to be introduced to put a cap on rental prices. It was signed by 5,298 people who argued that the present rents are 'causing distress in individuals and causing businesses to close'.

All electronic petitions that reach 5,000 signatures are considered for debate by the States. There was no vote taken at the end of the 'in-Committee' debate on the e-petition - the debate just provided an opportunity for the matter to be discussed in public by the members of the States Assembly.

The States also adopted various items of legislation relating to Brexit during today's sitting.

Decisions of the States on 12th March 2019.

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