Overdale Hospital

Scrutiny review - Children, Education & Home Affairs Panel

Launch date: 22/08/2006

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

A review of the decision to relocate people receiving respite and nursing care from Overdale Hospital to private sector care homes.

Terms of reference

To examine and report upon:

  1. Plans for the future of Respite and Residential/Nursing Care for the Elderly, currently provided at Overdale, and to assess how those plans fit within overall policy.
  2. The staffing, physical location and psychological issues that arise from any relocation and/or revamping of these services.
  3. Whether those residents currently with Health and Social Services will retain the current standards of medical and nursing support.
  4. The financial implications, for the States, Health and Social Services and families, of transferring elderly residents, currently at Overdale, to the private sector.
  5. The implications of possible discounted rates for Health and Social Services residents upon other residents and upon the economics of operating private care facilities.
  6. The future impact on the Overdale site of the changes proposed by Health and Social Services.




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