Review of Speed Limit Policy

Scrutiny review - Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel

Launch date: 27/01/2011

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

P.167/2010 - Speed Limits: Revised Policy.

Terms of reference

This review is being undertaken by the Environment Scrutiny Panel to consider the draft revised policy on Speed Limits lodged by the Minister for Transport and Technical Services on 2nd November 2010.

The review will examine how the proposed revised policy addresses the question of appropriate speed limits for the Island, including but not restricted to relevant considerations identified in the Speed Limits Working Group’s report (September 2009).

The Panel will also:

  1. Consider evidence for the proposals and the need for change;
  2. Identify and consult with appropriate stakeholders (subject to time constraints);
  3. Compare the Working Group’s report and the policy proposals with best practice elsewhere;
  4. Review the physical extent of proposed changes to speed limits across the Island;
  5. Investigate potential impacts of changes to speed limits on journey times for private, commercial and public transport;
  6. Examine the case for changing the speed limit in green lanes;
  7. Assess likely outcomes, benefits and resource implications of the proposed policy;
  8. Consider possible alternative approaches;
  9. Consider the proposed appeals procedure.

The Panel will report its findings to the States.

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