Starter Home Deposit Loan Scheme

Scrutiny review - Corporate Services Panel

Launch date: 21/01/2013

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Panel will review proposals of the Minister for Treasury and Resources for a six-month trial scheme whereby nearly £3 million will be made available for loans to assist eligible homebuyers with the deposit for a property purchase.  The scheme is designed to assist those facing the greatest difficulties in getting on the housing ladder and the eligibility criteria will relate to income, first-time buyer status, the type of property and liquid assets held by the applicant.  The proposals will be debated by the States Assembly.

Terms of reference

  1. ​To review Starter Home Deposit Loan Scheme (P.131/2012) and the key issues arising from that proposition, with particular attention to the following:
    (a)The consultation and work undertaken by the Minister for Treasury and  Resources in the development of the proposals; and
    (b)The manner in which the proposed trial scheme is intended to operate;
  2. To consider the potential economic effect of the proposals;
  3. To consider the manner in which the proposed trial scheme will, if implemented, be monitored and evaluated;
  4. To consider how the scheme, if extended beyond a trial period, would be funded; and
  5. To report to the States Assembly on the work undertaken.




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