Camera Surveillance in Jersey

Scrutiny review - Children, Education & Home Affairs Panel

Launch date: 26/04/2013

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

Camera surveillance of the public by both the States and private organisations is increasingly prevalent in our society. The presence of CCTV cameras is generally regarded as reassuring by the public. Technological advances have increased the capability of the systems allowing the police and the criminal justice system to protect people and property, investigate incidents and bring crimes to justice.

Terms of reference

  1. Consider the scale of usage of camera surveillance in Jersey by the States of Jersey, commercial and non-commercial  agencies
  2. Explore the role played by camera surveillance in policing, community safety, transport and in the criminal justice system
  3. Examine evidence for the effectiveness of camera surveillance in preventing and detecting crime and promoting public safety
  4. Explore public awareness of camera surveillance in Jersey
  5. Consider any concerns relating to the extent and purpose of intrusion into people’s lives
  6. Establish the effectiveness of current guidelines/voluntary codes of best practice and their operation
  7. Establish the rights of access to information and camera footage by citizens and what rights employees have in relation to camera surveillance by their employers
  8. Consider whether there is a need to develop the formal regulation of the use of camera surveillance.




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