Long-Term Care Law

Scrutiny review - Health and Social Security Panel

Launch date: 17/06/2013

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Social Security Minister will introduce a new long-term care charge if his proposition is adopted by the States in September 2013. The Panel will review the proposals and report back to the States Assembly.

Terms of reference

The Panel will examine the proposition proposing a new charge for long-term care. In particular:

  1. A comparison of what is being proposed in P.99/2013 “Long-Term Care Scheme” compared to what was approved in P.108/2011 “Draft Long-Term Care (Jersey) Law”;
  2. To determine how the figures within the proposals have been justified;
  3. To consider the financial implications as a result of the proposed changes;
  4. To assess the social and economic outcomes of the proposals.



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