Scrutiny review - Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel

Launch date: 28/11/2013

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The review will establish what is known about the occurrence of radon locally, consider the support and advice available to homeowners, and examine existing Building Bye Laws and other measures in respect of radon protection to see whether more work is needed to manage or protect against the build-up of radon gas in dwellings or workplaces. The Centre for Radiation Chemical and Environmental Hazards, Public Health England is providing expert scientific advice to the Panel, which will begin with a study of available evidence including the results from past radon surveys in the Island.

Terms of reference

​This review will examine the policies of the Ministers for Planning and Environment and Health and Social Services  in respect of measures for dealing with radon gas in Jersey, in particular the monitoring of radon levels in the Island, information provided to the public and applicable bye laws. The primary focus of the review will be on evidence regarding levels of radon found in buildings in the Island, available guidance and means of prevention, rather than detailed investigation of potential health implications, which falls outside the remit of this Panel.

  1. To consider the results of the latest radon survey of properties in the Island, announced in November 2011 by the Health Department
  2. To compare these results with previous local surveys and information available from the UK and elsewhere, to establish whether any further work is considered necessary and if so, make appropriate recommendations
  3. To review the support and advice provided to the public in respect of radon, together with any assistance available to Jersey homeowners to address higher levels of radon in their properties where these are found to exceed recommended guidelines, or are considered potentially to be of concern
  4. To review the scope and effectiveness of present building bye laws requiring measures to protect against the build-up of radon gas in buildings and whether they need updating



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