Sustainable Transport Policy

Scrutiny review - Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel

Launch date: 29/07/2010

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

The policy which aims to reduce our dependence on the car.

Terms of reference

This review is being undertaken by the Environment Scrutiny Panel to consider the draft Sustainable Transport Policy, its overall aims and objectives, and the particular benefits and resource implications of implementing individual recommendations contained within it. In so doing the Panel will examine the following issues:

  1. Whether the recommendations can be expected to meet the policy aims, including:
      • reducing reliance on the private car by providing practical alternatives;
      • reducing traffic congestion, particularly at peak hours;
      • increasing bus use, cycling and walking at peak hours;
      • increasing school bus use and the numbers of children cycling to school;
      • reducing pollution;
      • reducing injury rates caused by road accidents.
  2. Whether the recommendations are feasible, sufficiently challenging, meet the needs and aspirations of the general public and will lead beyond interim improvements to a genuinely sustainable public transport infrastructure.
  3. Whether the policy will enable safe and convenient travel for all offers equity of access across generations/physical abilities is adequately funded.
  4. The Panel will report its findings to the States.


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