MTFP 2016 – 2019

Scrutiny review - Corporate Services Panel

Launch date: 10/03/2015

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​This phase of the review will focus on financial, economic and growth forecasts, design and implementation and expenditure proposals.

Terms of reference

Financial, economic and growth forecasts:

• To consider the economic context of the MTFP, including growth forecasts and the economic impact of the MTFP’s expenditure proposals
• To examine how income is forecast and the levels of income against expenditure
• To examine the assumptions made for the economic forecasts
• To look at the impact of the financial and economic forecasts in MTFP 2016-19 on the Stabilisation Fund

Design and implementation of the MTFP, 2016-2019:

• To consider what allowance is made for the possible structural deficit in 2018 and beyond the period of the MTFP
• To look at contingencies; their use, and  how they are allocated
• To consider, in the light of the 2013-2015 MTFP how the treatment of contingencies, or any other areas of non-routine proposals have evolved in respect of the MTFP 2016-2019
• To identify the variances from budget of the MTFP 2013-2015 and any lessons learnt therefrom and to consider any effect upon the MTFP 2016-2019

Expenditure proposals within the MTFP:

• To look at how spending will be prioritised
• To look at how spending will be funded
• To clarify how States expenditure has materially evolved 
• To look at individual departmental budget areas and their feasibility based on future spending
• To investigate the link between the spending proposals in the MTFP 2016-19 and the requirements of the Long Term Revenue Programme
• To look at the deliverability of capital projects


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