Gender Pay Gap Review Panel

Scrutiny review - Gender Pay Gap Review Panel

Launch date: 27/07/2018

Review status: Report in preparation

What is the review about?

A Gender Pay Gap Review Panel has been established to assess whether there is a gender pay gap in Jersey. A gender pay gap is the difference between wages earned by men and wages earned by women across a workforce. A gender pay gap is not the same as unequal pay which is paying men and women differently for doing the same (or similar) work. The Panel will be gathering qualitative data (views and opinions) rather than quantitative data (statistics). It is understood that Statistics Jersey intend on collecting  quantitative data to assess specifically gender diversity across the public and private sector workforce. Our review should complement the work of Statistics Jersey.

In England, Wales and Scotland all private, voluntary and public sector employers with 250 or more employees must now publish information on their gender pay gap under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. In Jersey there is no equal pay legislation and therefore no requirement for employers to publish information on their gender pay gap.

The public sector

From its preliminary research, the Panel has found that within the public sector a high majority of males occupy the senior level jobs, as identified in the States of Jersey Annual Report and Accounts 2017:


86.7% were male

13.3% were female

Senior Managers:

66.9% were male

33.1% were female

Overall public sector workforce:

37% were male

63% were female

These figures are reflected within a response to a States Assembly written question regarding public sector pay for men and women. The data showed that a higher proportion of females compared to males earnt £70k or less within the public sector workforce. It also showed that a higher proportion of males compared to females earnt £70k or more.

The Panel will review whether there is a gender pay gap in the public and private sectors so that more informed policy decisions can be taken in future.

Tell us what you think!

The Panel would like to recieve views, opinions and experiences on this very topical issue. Your views can be on anything in relation to a gender pay gap but to help inform your response the Panel has been asking the following questions:

1.     Do you think there is a gender pay gap in Jersey?

2.     Is there any evidence to suggest that women returning to work after having children are less likely to be successful applicants? 

3.     From your experience, are women more likely to apply for part time jobs or jobs where there is flexibility in working hours? 

4.     Do you think a culture change is required to encourage more men to take career breaks to look after children?

5.     How long do you think women can take out of the work place before it starts to hit their future progression?

6.     What barriers do you think women face in relation to promotion and progression in the workplace?

You can tell us what you think by emailing or write in to The Scrutiny Office, Morier House, Halkett Place, St. Helier, JE1 1DD

Terms of reference

  1. To determine whether there is a gender pay gap in the public and private sector in Jersey

  1. To examine other jurisdictions in order to obtain international evidence on the gender pay gap

  1. To assess what measures are being taken to promote more equal, inclusive and transparent workforce environments

  1. To explore the sociological factors associated with the gender pay gap

Call for evidence




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