Retail Policy Review

Scrutiny review - Economic Affairs Panel

Launch date: 31/07/2018

Review status: Call for evidence

What is the review about?

The Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel is reviewing retail policy in Jersey and exploring the challenges and opportunities local retailers face. As well as the main shopping area of St. Helier, the Panel is looking at out-of-town retail areas including St. John's Village and Les Quennevais Precinct.

The Panel is seeking evidence from retailers, the public and stakeholders on this issue and encourages people to write in with their comments.

Written submissions can be sent via email to or by letter to: The Scrutiny Office, Morier House, Halkett Place, St. Helier, JE1 1DD

Terms of reference

  1. To identify the current challenges and opportunities facing Jersey's retail sector.
  2. Assess the current value of the retail sector to the island in term of its economic, social and environmental impacts.
  3. To assess what the current policies, strategies and initiatives of the Minister for Economic Development are and whether these are fit for purpose.
  4. To follow up on past accepted recommendations of the previous Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel in relation to its retail policy review.
  5. To determine what effect the 20% tax on retail profits above £500,000 has had on the retail sector.
  6. To assess the role of out-of-town retail areas and the impact they have on local parish communities.

Call for evidence



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