Regulation of Care Regulations

Scrutiny review - Health and Social Security Panel

Launch date: 23/10/2018

Review status: Comments published

What is the review about?

​Review of the Draft Regulation of Care Regulations (P.125/2018, P.126/2018, P.127/2018, P.128/2018, P.129/2018).

The Regulation of Care (Jersey) Law 2014 (from P.95/2014(Re-issue)) was adopted by the States Assembly on 3rd July 2014. The "2014 Law" provides a legislative framework for the independent regulation of health and social care in Jersey. This Law will be under-pinned by a series of Regulations, each focusing on a distinct type of health and social care provision.

The Regulations will introduce new rules for the independent inspection and regulation of health and social care.  Regulatory functions will be fulfilled by the Care Commission, which has already been established under the 2014 Law. Care providers – whether a States of Jersey provider of a service, a private sector provider or a charitable sector provider – will be required to register with the Care Commission and demonstrate that they provide services that are well conducted, provide good care and protect clients from harm.

On 23rd October 2018, the Government lodged Regulations to cover care home services, home care services and adult day care services. The States Assembly are due to debate the draft Regulations at the sitting on Tuesday 20th November. The Health and Social Security Panel has been briefed on the draft Regulations and intends to publish comments in advance of the debate.

Review progress

​The Panel presented its comments on the draft Regulations on Thursday 15th November 2018.

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