Capital projects: Sandybrook Care Home and Greenfields care homes

Scrutiny review - Corporate Services Panel

Launch date: 16/10/2018

Review status: Discontinued

What is the review about?

​A report published by the Minister for Treasury and Resources on 12th October 2018 gave details of a number of unspent capital allocations to be returned to contingencies to be re-used for other purposes. This included £1.2m in relation to planned works at Sandybrook Care Home and £1.1m allocated to a project to build care homes for children with autism.

The Corporate Services Panel requested further information about these projects and asked the Minister for Treasury and Resources not to proceed with the transfers until the Panel's questions had been answered. The Panel also requested information about a further project at the prison.

Review progress

​The Panel asked questions of the Minister for Treasury and Resources in Public hearings on 16th October 2018 and 31st October 2018.

The Panel has received reports from the Departement for Health and Community Services in relation to Sandybrook and the homes for children with Autism. 

The Panel wrote to the Minister for Health and Social Services on 28th November 2018 to ask for his policy objectives in relation to both of these areas, and followed up with a further letter on 12th December 2018.

In reply, the Department for Health and Community Services provided additional information about the projects.

having received the information, the Panel decided not to take any further action.

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