Organisational Culture and Corporate Learning

Scrutiny review - Public Accounts Committee

Launch date: 16/05/2019

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

The PAC is conducting a series of reviews examining the response of the senior leadership of the public sector to a number of 'recurring themes' identified in previous reports. This is the first of those reviews and is focused on the themes of 'organisational culture' and 'corporate learning'.

Review progress

​The Committee will publish its report on 17th May.

Terms of reference

Organisational Culture

The reports of the C&AG and PAC make frequent reference to the need for improved corporate working and planning, cultural change and the need to move further away from a silo approach.  

Corporate Learning

There appears to be no corporate way of evaluating and reflecting on how projects succeeded (or failed) and how learning could be transmitted through departments. The PAC wishes to encourage a learning culture throughout departments, where lessons can be learnt and successes can be built upon.

Although the PAC welcomed proposals for improvement as set out in such plans and programmes as 'Team Jersey' and the Target Operating Model (TOM) proposed by the Chief Executive, the PAC is concerned that, by themselves these proposals might not secure the necessary changes to the recurring themes above.   

The PAC would like to understand how they translate into action to bring about the necessary improvements and overcome barriers to implementation. It would wish to ascertain what the Chief Executive and senior officers have achieved so far – and how that is objectively measured.



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