Government Plan Review: Environment, Housing and Infrastructure

Scrutiny review - Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel

Launch date: 22/08/2019

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Government Plan Review Panel (GPRP) will allocate a number of projects and actions contained within the Government Plan to the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel to scrutinise and report on.  The full list can be viewed by clicking on the letter to Ministers link below.  The GPRP will collate the reports from all Scrutiny Panels to form one consolidated Scrutiny Report on the Government Plan to be published by 8th November 2019.  For more information on what the over-arching review is about click here.

Review progress

​The Panel will review the evidence and prepared its report.

Terms of reference

​1.    Note that sections/projects of the Government Plan will be allocated to Panels by the Government Plan Review Panel (GPRP) on a 'best fit' basis[1].

2.    Undertake an in-depth review of the allocated sections/projects of the Government Plan 2020, considering:

  • Whether funded projects meet the Ongoing Initiatives, Common Themes and, ultimately, Common Strategic Priorities?
  • Ensuring that the projects and amendments to be lodged are consistent with the requirements of the Public Finances (Jersey) Law 201-.
  • The level of resourcing, of all forms, allocated to projects and whether this is sufficient to enable the project meet its stated aims.
  • If project resource allocation is appropriate in relation to overall departmental budgets?
  • Whether funded projects align with Departmental objectives? [NB: if and where they exist]
  • Whether or not there are clear lines of accountability for each project?
  • The ongoing sustainability of projects.

3.    Provide the GPRP with a report and any amendments by the date agreed.

[1] Projects will not directly align with Scrutiny Panels and most will involve multiple ministerial portfolios. Rather than split out projects into elements amongst various Panels, each project has been scrutinised in its entirety by a single Panel.




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