Government Plan Review: Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel

Scrutiny review - Corporate Services Panel

Launch date: 11/09/2019

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

The Government Plan replaces the previous Medium Term Financial Plan process, and brings States income and expenditure together for the first time. We reviewed the overall financial strategy and direction of the Plan, as well as specific projects which fell within our remit.

We also used focus groups to gather public opinion, and appointed an independent expert advisor to assess the soundness of the Government Plan's finances. 

The full list of specific projects that we are reviewing can be accessed here

We have published our report alongside reports from all of the other scrutiny panels, in order to provide a single, comprehensive assessment of all parts of the Government Plan. You can read Scrutiny's full report of the Government Plan here

Evidence Accumulated

We invited members of the public, businesses and other stakeholders to send us their views on how the Government Plan will affect them. You can read our Call for Evidence here. This included a list of questions on key aspects of the Government Plan, which you can read below:

  • The Government Plan shows the actions and new projects that the Government is planning in 2020.
    • Will these actions and projects help the Government to meet its five strategic priorities of Putting Children First, Improving Wellbeing, Creating a Vibrant Economy, Reducing Inequality and Protecting the Environment?
    • Taxes on high strength alcohol will go up by more, for example 8p per pint on high strength beer and £2.08 on a litre of spirits.
  • The Long Term Care charge will increase from 1% to 2% from January 2020. The Government says that this is needed to make sure that the Long Term Care Fund has enough money in it for the next 25 years. Do you agree with this increase?
  • Thinking about the Government Plan as a whole, does the Government do a good enough job of explaining how your taxes are being spent?
    • Have you been given enough information to understand what the Government is planning?
  • Which of the above areas do you think are particularly important, and why?
  • Are there any other issues that we should consider as part of our review?

The full list of specific projects that we reviewed can be accessed here

Terms of reference

  1.  Note that sections/projects of the Government Plan will be allocated to Panels by the Government Plan Review Panel (GPRP) on a 'best fit' basis [1].

  2. Undertake an in-depth review of the allocated sections/projects of the Government Plan 2020, considering:

    1. Whether funded projects meet the Ongoing Initiatives, Common Themes and, ultimately, Common Strategic Priorities.

    2. Ensuring that the projects and amendments to be lodged are consistent with the requirements of the Public Finances (Jersey) Law 2019.

    3. The level of resourcing, of all forms, allocated to projects and whether this is sufficient or excessive to enable the project meet its stated aims.

    4. If project resource allocation is appropriate in relation to overall departmental budgets?

    5. Whether funded projects align with Departmental objectives? [NB: if and where they exist]

    6. Whether or not there are clear lines of accountability for each project?

    7. The ongoing sustainability of projects.

  3. Provide the GPRP with a report and any amendments by the date agreed.

  4. Budget: 

    1. To examine income raising proposals

    2. To look at how spending will be funded

    3. To clarify how States expenditure has materially evolved 

    4. To look at individual departmental budgets and their feasibility based on future spending

    5. To look at the deliverability of capital projects

  5. Financial, economic and growth forecasts:

    1. To examine the levels of income against expenditure

    2. To examine the assumptions made for the economic forecasts

    3. To look at the impact of the financial and economic forecasts in Government Plan 2020 on the Stabilisation Fund and more widely

    4. To consider the economic sustainability of Government Plan 2020 

  6. Design and implementation of the Government Plan 2020:

    1. To consider what allowance is made for the possible structural deficit in 2020 and beyond the period of the Government Plan

    2. To look at reserves; their use, and how they are allocated

    3. To consider, in the light of the 2016-2019 MTFP and Transition Report, how the treatment of contingencies/reserves, or any other areas of non-routine proposals have evolved in respect of the Government Plan 2020

    4. To identify the variances from budget of the MTFP 2016-2019/Transition Report, and any lessons learnt and to consider any effect upon the Government Plan 2020

    5. To consider the overall fiscal soundness of the Government Plan 2020 

[1] Projects will not directly align with Scrutiny Panels and most will involve multiple ministerial portfolios. Rather than split out projects into elements amongst various Panels, each project will be scrutinised in its entirety by a single Panel. 

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Webcast of Public Hearing with the Chief Minister

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