Processes within External Relations

Scrutiny review - Economic and International Affairs Panel

Launch date: 28/01/2020

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Economic and International Affairs Panel's review has focussed on various key processes witin External Relations. Specifically the review has explored the relationship between the States Assembly and the Department in how decisions are made. The Panel found that processes could be strengthened by improved engagement with Scrutiny and the States Assembly as a whole.

Terms of reference

To undertake a short review of the various processes within external relations including:

  1. The Council of Ministers' Common Policy on external relations; 

  2. To explore the lines of ministerial accountability of external relations matters;

  3. To understand the impacts of External Relations policies and decision making on the island's legislation and constitutional standing;

  4. To explore decision-making processes and how the States Assembly considers decisions made on external relations matters including impacts on the island's laws, policies and relationships with other jurisdictions;

  5. To explore the different outputs of external relations matters and oversight of them.


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