COVID-19 Response and Recovery Joint Review: Economic and International Affairs

Scrutiny review - Economic and International Affairs Panel

Launch date: 20/03/2020

Review status: Review started

What is the review about?

Phase 1

Since March 2020 the Panel has gathered a significant amount of information in relation to the Government's response to the COVID-19 outbreak. In particular, the Panel has focussed its attention on the response of the Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture.

Phase 2

As part of its ongoing work, the Panel, along with the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel have launched a joint review focussing on the Government's COVID-19 financial preparations, response measures and recovery strategy. The Panels are keen to hear the views of Islanders, business owners, economists, business leaders and sector specific associations on the challenges they have faced and are facing as they look to the future.

As such, the Panels are keen to gather evidence regarding the support that will be required for a successful economic recovery and for ensuring the effective use of public finances.      

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused Jersey's Government to make substantial decisions which impact lives, the economy, international affairs and public finances in the short, medium and long terms.  The Corporate Services and Economic and International Affairs Panels have identified collaborative opportunities within their work streams for a joint scrutiny review which will enable a more productive use of resources. 

The joint review will focus on the effectiveness, cost and sustainability of the emergency actions and financial interventions of Government in response to the pandemic. The Panels will also evaluate the potential impact and resilience of Government decision making in the short, medium and long terms for personal finance, the economy, international trade and public finance.   

Terms of reference

1.     Economic Framework

Undertake an in-depth review of the Government's processes in relation to the preparation, response and recovery of COVID-19 considering:

  • whether the use of Public Finance specific to the economic wellbeing framework is consistent and meets the requirements of the Public Finance (Jersey) law 2019;
  • adequacy of response and support packages for business;
  • the impact to economy, businesses, jobs and affordable living for islanders;
  • implication of COVID-19 on vital supply lines;
  • emergency response structures and levels of resourcing, of all forms, allocated to COVID-19 response being sufficient or excessive to meet stated aims;
  • lines of accountability during COVID-19 phased response;
  • Jersey's response in comparison/contrast to other jurisdictions in relation to the economy and support for business;
  • any other matters the Panel believe relevant to the review within its remit.

2.     Recovery Plan 2021-24

Review the Recovery Plan in relation to the impact for Jersey's economy and business community considering:


  • the income raising proposals;
  • how spending will be funded;
  • how Government expenditure has evolved;
  • individual departmental budgets and their feasibility;
  • the viability and deliverability of capital projects;
  • efficiencies being sufficient or excessive to meet stated aims;
  • payback borrowing plans to Public Finances being sufficient or excessive.

Financial, economic and growth forecasts

  • the levels of income against expenditure;
  • the assumptions made for the economic forecasts;
  • the impact of the financial and economic forecasts in Recovery Plan;
  • timeline to replenish the Strategic Reserve and the source/s from which it will be replenished; 
  • the economic sustainability of the Recovery Plan.

Design and implementation of the Recovery Plan 2021-24

  • allowances made for the deficit in 2021 and beyond the period of the Recovery Plan;
  • reserves; their use, and how they are allocated; 
  • fiscal soundness of the Government's recovery plan.
  • Given the fast-changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Panel may also need to consider any other matters it believes relevant to the review within its remit.




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