Change to Deployment of Taser by the States of Jersey Police Force

Scrutiny review - Children, Education & Home Affairs Panel

Launch date: 10/08/2020

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Minister for Home Affairs has brought forward proposals which would amend the current rules surrounding the deployment and authorisation of Tasers. The changes proposed in P.97/2020 Deployment and use of Energy Conductive Devices (Tasers) by the States of Jersey Police are supported by the conclusions of the review of the SoJP firearms capability that was undertaken by the City of London Police Force in 2017.

The Proposition would authorise the deployment and use of Tasers by the States of Jersey Police Force in accordance with the following principles:

  • A Taser will only be issued to a uniformed police officer who has completed a Taser course (to the 'national' standard).
  • The use of a Taser will be at the discretion of the police officer who is carrying the Taser and will not be subject to a specific firearms authority.
  • Usual supervision of the use of Taser will apply and the individual officer's usage must be justified and compliant with all existing legislation and associated College of Policing Guidelines.

At present, only a firearms trained officer under the authority of a senior officer is able to deploy a Taser. The proposed changes would allow for uniformed police officers, who had completed a Taser course to the national standard, to carry and deploy a Taser without a specific firearms authority.

The Panel is interested to hear any views on the proposed changes and would like to invite submissions by Monday 7th September  by emailing, or

Review progress

The Panel presented its final report on Thursday 29th October prior to the debate on Tuesday 3rd November. The Panel has alsolodged two amendment to the proposition which can be read below.

Terms of reference

  • To examine the rationale and relevant evidence for the proposed changes in the deployment and authorisation of Tasers by the States of Jersey Police.
  • To consult with key stakeholders in order to establish and explore views on the Taser Proposition.
  • To identify what consideration, if any, has been given to the potential wider impact of the proposed changes detailed in the Taser Proposition on policing in Jersey, including public perception/expectation.
  • To consider the potential impacts of the Taser Proposition on the rights of children and young people.




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