Review of Preferred Access Route to Overdale

Scrutiny review - Future Hospital Review Panel

Launch date: 22/12/2020

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Future Hospital Scrutiny Review Panel has launched a review into the proposed primary access route to the new general hospital being built on the Overdale site.
The review is in response to the Council of Ministers’ proposition ‘Our Hospital: Preferred Access Route’, which asks States Members to approve Westmount Road as the primary access option. The road would remain two-way, with areas for active modes of travel, such as walking and cycling.  The Proposition is accompanied by a technical report, which highlights 70+ options and the process involved in appraising these, before finally arriving at the preferred access route.  
The Panel is undertaking a targeted review with particular emphasis on:
• How this process was undertaken 
• Whether the final option being proposed is the most appropriate 
• The potential impact of the final option on those that reside in the access area
• How the final option would impact the public
• Whether the proposed access route maximises sustainable modes of travel to and from the new hospital 
• Whether this option can be completed within the budgeted outline cost of £38.7 million, as proposed within the anticipated costs 
Panel Chair, Senator Kristina Moore, commented: "It’s crucial that we establish any limitations to the access road now before building work commences. The Panel needs to provide assurance to all those affected by this proposed option that the 70+ options were assessed appropriately and that the best option is the one that is being put forward”. 

Review progress

​To inform its work, the Panel intends to hold public hearings with the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister, in his role as Chair of the Our Hospital Political Oversight Group. In addition, the Panel will seek the views of key stakeholders and request submissions from the public via social media. 

The review is expected to last until the end of January 2021 with the debate due to take place on Tuesday 9 February.  Ahead of the debate, the Panel will publish a report on its work, including any findings and recommendations. 

The Panel has now completed and published its report in time for the debate on Monday 1st February 2021.

Terms of reference

​1. To undertake an in-depth appraisal of the options regarding access to the Overdale site, which have been identified in the technical report within P.167/2020 and consider what other options might better achieve the Assembly's desired outcome in particular to maximise sustainable modes of travel to and from the new hospital and to minimize the impact on homes, leisure facilities and the surrounding environment of the access interventions currently proposed.

2. To determine whether the final option, proposed in P.167/2020, is the most appropriate. In particular, to consider the following:

a) The process that was undertaken that led to the final option being determined and in particular, the criteria used and consultees.

b) The rationale for selecting the final option.

c) The potential impact of the final option on the public and, in particular, those that reside in the access area.

d) The impact, if any, the final option will have on homes, leisure facilities and the surrounding environment.

e) Whether the final option will maximise sustainable modes of travel to and from the new hospital. 

f) Whether this option can be completed within the budgeted outline cost of £38.7 million*

*The site-specific costs for Overdale contain a variety of cost categories including items such as drainage, new site access, off site highways and junction upgrades, site preparation, basements and other related matters.  These are budgeted as £38.7 million and are included in the total delivery partner costs of £550 million.  The overall cost of the hospital build is £804 million.



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