Estate Management

Scrutiny review - Public Accounts Committee

Launch date: 24/02/2021

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The States have a portfolio of over 500 operational properties valued at over £1 billion. Most operational land and buildings are managed by the Property Division of Infrastructure, Housing and Environment Department (formerly Jersey Property Holdings (JPH)) which has an annual budget for maintenance of over £12 million.

This ongoing review has recently been revised and expanded to ascertain what progress has been made on producing a comprehensive property strategy linked to corporate objectives, maintaining deteriorating buildings and considering sales of  buildings/land in line with the Common Strategic Policy and Government Plan. This will be of critical importance to post-pandemic financial policy, to make sure the Government is making the most of the vast portfolio of property assets for the benefit of the public. Although the recent draft Island Public Estate Strategy 2021-2035 was approved by the Council of Ministers on 9 December 2020, the PAC is keen to see when and how it will be considered publicly. It will also continue to scrutinise the Chief Executive’s and the Property Division’s progress in developing a comprehensive Property Maintenance Programme as well as determining what progress has been made in implementing the other recommendations of its first Estate Management report in February 2019.

The PAC will examine the role and responsibilities of restructured Government Departments (Infrastructure, Housing and Environment and the Property Division in particular). The PAC will also expand its review to examine the role of the Corporate Asset Management Board and Regeneration Steering Group in demonstrating coherent and ‘joined up’ decision making and prioritising properties and land based on their value to the community (social value) as well as their potential financial value, consistent with the Public Finances (Jersey) Law 2019. The PAC will also scrutinise the appropriateness of the roles and responsibilities requested of, and carried out by, the States of Jersey Development Company in respect of the public estate.

The Review will be coordinated by the Committee's Estate Management Sub-Group, which consists of:

  • Deputy Inna Gardiner (Chair);

  • Mr. Graeme Phipps (Lay Member); and

  • Mr. Paul van Bodegom (Lay Member)

Review progress

​The Committee is inviting Islanders to submit their views by: 

  1. Emailing

  2. Completing the 'Get involved' form on the States Assembly website

  3. Messaging the States Assembly social media pages

Terms of reference

  1. To assess the progress on overall arrangements of the Government's strategic property function since the previous PAC's report of 2019, including:

    a. The role and performance to date of the Corporate Asset Management Group, its relationship to the Regeneration Steering Group and its development of a Corporate Asset Management Plan.

    b. The role and responsibilities of the States of Jersey Development Company regarding Estate Management strategy implementation.

    c. The role of States-owned organisations and relationships to each other in respect of developing and implementing a cohesive and comprehensive Estate Strategy linked to corporate objectives.

  2. To examine the restructuring of departments and their Target Operating Models (TOMs) where they relate to managing States' lcand and property assets, with particular reference to:

    a. Education, Health, Infrastructure, Housing and Environment Departments
    b. the Property Division (formerly Jersey Property Holdings);

  3. To assess the progress in developing a coherent and cohesive Property Management and Maintenance programme, with specific reference to:

    a. Maintaining deteriorating buildings and considering sales of non-necessary buildings/land in line with the Common Strategic Policy.
    b. Reducing liability to the States and reducing risks to customers, staff and the general public.
    c. Ensuring the asset management system (Concerto) is fully utilised and demonstrates value for money.
    d. Enabling a co-ordinated approach to property management and maintenance
    e. Examining the IHE and Property Division's efforts to ensure that States-owned properties comply with disability legislation.

  4. To assess the progress on consulting and engaging with stakeholders including community groups and non-Ministerial departments as part of all property proposals (in line with the recommendations of the PAC in its report of Estate Management in February 2019). 




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