Draft Single-Use Plastics etc. (Restrictions) (Jersey) Law 202-

Scrutiny review - Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel

Launch date: 15/06/2021

Review status: Comments published

What is the review about?

​In June 2020, the States Assembly adopted P.64/2020 which sought to reduce waste, increase reuse and support Jersey’s Carbon Neutral Strategy by removing single-use bags and setting a minimum price for ‘bags for life.’The aim of the proposition was to encourage a ‘bring your own bag’ culture and to support a change in consumer behaviour away from single-use consumption and disposal. 

The Draft Single-Use Plastics etc. (Restrictions) (Jersey) Law 202- [P.61/2021] was lodged in the States on 8th June 2021 and, if adopted, will see the banning of single-use bags and the setting of a minimum price of 70p for bags for life.

The Draft Law has been informed by a Government-led consultation with local traders and by collaborative working across a number of government departments.  It also seeks to set a starting point from which the use of other single-use items can be reduced, which is aligned to the sustainable behaviour change required to achieve Jersey’s Carbon Neutral Strategy.

The Draft Law seeks to ban the following items:
banned bags.png
The rationale for banning these items is to remove them from the supply chain and to enable more sustainable choices (bags that can be reused) and ultimately reduce the island's waste. Paper bags are proposed to be included so they do not become an alternative to plastic bags. Therefore, banning paper bags will ensure both retailer and consumer behaviour is aligned with a shift away from single-use. 

Bag that can be supplied for a minimum price of 70p are:
min price bags.png
These bags are designed to be reused on multiple occasions and have a specification that supports recycling at the end of their useful life. It is proposed that these bags for life have a value placed on them that deters customers from using them as single-use items and encourages reuse. A paper bag for life has been included in response to the Government's consultation with retailers.

Bag that will be exempt are:
exempt bags.png
Exemptions were included in the Draft Law as a result of Government's consultation with various industries:
Bags used to contain:
  • uncooked fish and fish products
  • prescription medicine or appliance 
  • live fish or other aquatic creatures 
  • goods in transport, such as at an airport, plane or ship
The Panel has received a briefing from Government officials on 15th June 2021 and intends to conduct a short scrutiny review of the draft legislation by inviting submissions from stakeholders and producing a Comments paper ahead of the debate.

Review progress

The Panel has presented its Comments paper to the States Assembly (see below).

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