Our Hospital Project Outline Business Case and Funding Review

Scrutiny review - Future Hospital Review Panel

Launch date: 23/07/2021

Review status: Report in preparation

What is the review about?

The Future Hospital Review Panel has committed to undertake a review of the Our Hospital Outline Business Case (OBC) and the accompanying proposition to fund the £804 million project.

The review is part of the Panel’s ongoing scrutiny of the Our Hospital Project which, later in 2021, may include a review of the planning application associated with the site.

In November 2020, Overdale was approved by the States Assembly as the preferred site for the new hospital (P.123/2020). Since that date the Council of Ministers brought forward P.167/2020 Our Hospital, Preferred Access Route, which was approved by the States Assembly in early February 2021. The site was approved with a budget envelope of £804 million. It is anticipated planning for the site and the access route will be submitted in November 2021 with approval expected within six months from submission.

The Panel will therefore undertake an in-depth two-phase review of, firstly, the of the OBC for the Our Hospital Project and, secondly, the associated funding proposition P.80/2021 lodged with the States Assembly. During its review it will aim to:

  • Take evidence from members of the public and key stakeholders on the conclusions of OBC.
  • Consider the impact of the funding proposals on public finances.
  • Identify whether the conclusions of the OBC are appropriate for this project.
  • Consider whether sufficient evidence is provided that the budget is appropriate for the scale of build proposed.
  • Receive and analyse necessary advice and guidance from expert advisers engaged for this review to ensure that the OBC adheres to best practice and contains the detail relevant and sufficient for this stage of the Our Hospital Project.
  • Receive and analyse advice from expert advisors about whether the funding solution lodged with the States adheres to best practice for public sector borrowing.
  • Identify key issues for States Members to consider during the debate on the funding proposition.
  • Increase information available to the public and media on a topic of significant public interest.
  • Provide constructive feedback and recommendations for the Council of Ministers.
  • Present a report, before the debate in October, highlighting findings and recommendations to the States Assembly, contributing to a more informed debate.

Review progress

The Panel is currently carrying out scrutiny of the Outline Business Case and the now lodged funding proposition . The Panel will be holding a number of public hearings with key stakeholders during its research.

call for evidence has been issued to gain the views of the public. The Panel would particularly like to receive views on whether: 

  • The proposed budget of £804.5 million is appropriate for Jersey and for this project 

  • £756 million of that budget should be borrowed by using public bonds

  • Borrowing of this scale should be used to finance a new hospital 

  • The investment returns of the Strategic Reserve should be used to pay debt financing costs, management and administration costs 

  • The proposition adequately addresses the economic risks or benefits • The conclusions of the Outline Business Case are reasonable 

  • The Outline Business Case provides sufficient evidence to support the scale of the proposed project

  • It is sensible to use the Strategic Reserve [Rainy Day Fund] to manage debt and funding of the Our Hospital Project 

The Panel would also like to know what key issues you think States Members should consider when they debate the funding proposal and what further information, if any, you need about the proposed funding for the Our Hospital Project? 

If you would like to share your thoughts with the Panel, you can do so by:

  • Completing the 'Get involved' form on the left hand corner of this page

  • Emailing scrutiny@gov.je

  • By letter: Scrutiny Office, Morier House, St. Helier, JE1 1DD

The Panel ask that any evidence is submitted by 3 September 2021.

Terms of reference

To undertake an in-depth appraisal of the Outline Business Case (OBC) and the accompanying proposition for funding the Our Hospital Project in a two-phased approach

1. To review the Outline Business Case and determine whether it meets best practice with particular regard to the following:

a. Examination of the structure and ensure this is within the expectations of the five-case model and follows the HM Treasury Green Book Standard.

b. Analyse each of the five cases and provide detail on the robustness of each to meet the overall objectives of the OH Project.

c. Compare each of the five cases within the OBC to the documents issued previously and make comparisons to show any major changes highlighting risks and/or benefits.

2. To provide detailed analysis on the funding and budget with particular attention to the following:

a. Review the overall costs and budget and measure against the budget proposal of £804 million to ensure it is sufficient to meet all aspects of the Our Hospital Project.

b. Analyse any amendments to the budget since the proposal of £804 million in P.123/2020 and highlight any differences in costs.

3. Review and analyse the proposed use of a bond and if this is the best value for money for the OH Project and ensure this funding solution is appropriate and proportionate for the project:

a. To list any other funding options, as appropriate

b. To review the budget increases and interim funding solution used throughout the project and measure these against best practice

c. To review the proposed repayment, in particular to analyse if the  returns on the Strategic Reserve over the full life of the bonds will be sufficient to meet both the annual financing costs and grow the value of the investments to a sufficient level to meet investor capital repayments, as proposed

d. To analyse the financial impact on the Island's economy

e. To analyse the impact that repayments of borrowing of this scale will have on general revenue expenditure, particularly meeting the costs of running a health service, such as maintenance, staff facilities and pay increases.

Call for evidence



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