Jersey's Gender Pay Gap (follow-up review)

Scrutiny review - Gender Pay Gap Review Panel

Launch date: 02/08/2021

Review status: Call for evidence

What is the review about?

In July 2019, the Review Panel presented its report "Is there a Gender Pay Gap in Jersey?" The Panel concluded that there is a gender pay gap, but wide-ranging statistical evidence is required in order to assess the extent of it in the Jersey economy.

The Panel identified the following themes as contributing factors to the gender pay gap in Jersey:

  • Gender stereotypes from school age
  • Occupational segregation stemming from subject choice at school
  • Unconscious bias in the workplace
  • The "glass ceiling" which stops women reaching upper levels in the workplace
  • More women taking on domestic commitments
  • More women taking on caring responsibilities

The Panel recommended that the Government collects, analyses and publishes data in relation to the public sector gender pay gap and any related issues. It believed that this would raise awareness of the underlying issues associated with gender pay gaps such as social norms, biases and gender stereotypes.

Since the Panel's review, the Government has reported on its gender pay gap twice. The first report was published in 2019 and the second report in April 2021. The Government's latest report shows that the difference in the average (median) pay between men and women in the public sector workforce is 14.2%.

Rather than recommending that statutory measures were introduced, the Panel opted to make a number of recommendations in the first instance which focused on initiating a cultural shift to remove the barriers women face in progressing in their careers. 

Follow-up review

The Panel committed to undertaking a follow-up piece of work once enough time had passed for its accepted recommendations to 'bed in' and initiate cultural change. In particular, the Panel hoped that the Government's gender pay gap reporting would encourage more wide-spread reporting by businesses and organisations in the private sector. If no or little progress has been made, the Panel agreed that it would explore further whether statutory measures should be introduced. 

Review progress

​The Panel would like to hear your views on anything related to Jersey's gender pay gap. In order to inform your thinking, the Panel asks a number of thought provoking questions:

  1. Do you think statutory measures should be introduced in Jersey for gender pay gap reporting?

  2. What are your views on other types of mandatory reporting such as the ethnicity pay gap?

  3. Do you think there has been any change in the cultural influences which affect the gender pay gap in Jersey? 

  4. Do you think the Government took a gender-sensitive approach to its Covid-19 policies?

  5. What impact do you think Covid-19 has had on men and women in the home and workplace?

Please get in touch with the Panel at

Terms of reference

  • To undertake a follow-up review of, 'Is there a gender pay gap in Jersey' (S.R.10/20219) with a particular focus on:

    • What progress has been made to deliver the accepted recommendations made in S.R.10/2019.

    • Whether statutory measures should be introduced in Jersey for gender pay gap reporting

    • Whether there has been any change in the cultural influences which affect the gender pay gap.

  • To assess the gendered impact of Covid-19 and whether the Government considered a gender-sensitive approach to its Covid-19 policies.



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