Government Plan 2022 Review - Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel

Scrutiny review - Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel

Launch date: 08/10/2021

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Government Plan seeks to bring together public income and spending against the context of the stated strategic priorities of Government. It is a rolling four-year plan but is brought back and updated each year to take account of changes in the Island’s economic outlook. 

The Government Plan 2022-2025 is the second which has been published since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes made to financial forecasts to fund Government’s response to it. 
The Government Plan is scheduled for debate the week of 14th December 2021.
Details of the plan include:
  • Estimated income and expenditure of the Consolidated Fund
  • Amounts to be internally transferred between States funds
  • Any other proposed financing
  • Major projects and their proposed costs
  • Estimated income and expenditure from States trading operations to be paid into the States trading operations Fund
  • Amounts to be appropriated from the Consolidated and States trading operations funds for the next financial year
  • Estimated amounts in States funds at the start and finish of each financial year
Each Scrutiny Panel has been allocated various revenue programmes and capital projects included in the Government Plan 2022 to scrutinise. For a full list of programmes and projects allocated to the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel, please see below.

Review progress

​The Panel has now presented its report to the States.

Terms of reference

1. To undertake a review of the sections/projects of the Government Plan 2022-2025 which are most relevant to the remit of the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel, using the following criteria as a guide:
  • Where funding over £500,000 has been allocated
  • Where funding has been withdrawn or decreased significantly from the previous year
  • Where funding has been increased significantly from the previous year
  • Projects which the Panels consider are of most concern (as a result of, for instance, delays, deferrals, overspends or because they are not in keeping with Common Strategic Priorities)
  • Projects which have been identified as of concern by stakeholders
  • Projects which are contentious and/or in the public eye.
  • Projects where insufficient information has been provided and more information is sought
  • Concern is held on the project’s alignment with Common Strategic Priorities, social impact and impact upon children.

2. To determine whether projects align with Ongoing Initiatives, Common Themes and, ultimately, Common Strategic Priorities. 

3. To consider whether the resources allocated to the projects is sufficient or excessive. 

4. To review the success, or otherwise, of projects agreed in the previous Government Plan 2021. 

5. To assess the expected impact on the ongoing delivery of public services, by Minister, through rebalancing of Government finances.




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