Follow-up Review of Mental Health Services

Scrutiny review - Health and Social Security Panel

Launch date: 01/02/2022

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

The Health and Social Security Scrutiny Panel has completed a follow up review of the Government's mental health services. The Panel's first 'Assessment of Mental Health Services' report was published on 6 March 2019 and featured 24 key findings, including long waiting times to access mental health services and a lack of investment over a sustained period of time. 

Over the course of its review, the Panel aimed to:

  • Assess the provision of mental health services in Jersey, with particular focus on the areas of concern identified in the findings and recommendations from S.R.4/2019, to establish the progress and changes made in the past three years, including the findings of the recent independent report into Adult Mental Health Services (November 2021)
  • Examine the impact of COVID-19 on mental health services in Jersey
  • Follow up with the stakeholders that provided submissions to the previous S.R.4/2019 review, in relation to the state of mental health services in 2022.
  • Analyse the proposed use of the additional £500,000 assigned for use by mental health services in 2022, as per the Government Plan (Amendment 9 to P.90/2021).

Terms of reference

  1. To assess progress against the recommendations from the Panel's review 'Assessment of Mental Health Services (S.R.4/2019) that was published on 6th March 2019.
  2. To determine the impact of COVID-19 on the provision of mental health services.
  3. To assess how the £500,000 of additional funding for Mental Health Services, as approved by Amendment 9 to the Government Plan 2022-2025 (P.90/2021), will be used.
  4. To consider the impact and outcomes of the 'Independent Review of Adult Mental Health Services in Jersey', published on 19th November 2021.




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