Draft Official Controls (Animals, Food, Feed, and Plant Health etc.) (Jersey) Regulations 202- [P.114/2021]

Scrutiny review - Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel

Launch date: 09/12/2021

Review status: Comments published

What is the review about?

The Draft Official Controls (Animals, Food, Feed, and Plant Health etc.) (Jersey) Regulations 202- (“draft OCR”) [ P.114/2021] was lodged in the States Assembly on 9th  December 2021 by the Minister for the Environment to repeal and replace the existent EU Legislation (Official Controls) (Jersey) Regulations 2020.

The draft OCR make changes to the way goods of animal or plant origin (sanitary and phytosanitary goods) arriving from the EU in Jersey are treated. 

If these proposals are adopted by the States, they will:

  • give the Minister for the Environment powers to determine the controls applied to SPS goods arriving from the EU into Jersey, including the use of Border Control Posts
  • implement six other EU Regulations that allow Jersey to demonstrate it has the correct controls in place to achieve third country listing for exports
  • replace the Animal Health and Welfare (Temporary Continuance of Effect of European Union Legislation) (Jersey) Order 2019.
What will the review investigate?

  • How the OCR is likely to affect importers bringing food to Jersey from Poland, France, Portugal and other EU countries – and whether new rules could see businesses face additional cost which might affect small scale imports in a way that makes trade more difficult;
  • Whether there has been sufficient consultation with key stakeholders on the changes, and if implemented in early 2022, whether there will be enough time for businesses to adapt;
  • What the potential implications are for Jersey if controls on EU imports are dictated by the UK;
  • Whether, if required, a Border Control Post could be introduced quickly in Jersey, and if so, what kinds of imports would need to arrive through it;
  • Whether the OCR enables Jersey to have enough flexibility to introduce its own rules on importing goods of genetically modified origin (GMO), should the UK permit this. 

Review progress

​The Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel has conducted its review by gathering evidence through written questions and a public hearing with the Minister for the Environment, as well as by requesting views from several key stakeholders. The Panel intends to present its Comments paper on P.114/2021 ahead of the States' debate scheduled for 8th February 2022

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