Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel Legacy Report

Scrutiny review - Corporate Services Panel

Launch date: 04/05/2022

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

​The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel (the Panel) is one of five scrutiny panels working on behalf of the States Assembly to examine and investigate the work of the Government of Jersey. This is achieved through review of:

  • Government policy
  • New laws and changes to existing laws
  • Work and expenditure of the Government
  • Issues of public importance 

This work is important in holding Ministers to account for their decisions and actions, helping to improve government policies, legislation and public services. The Panel is tasked with policy and legislation arising from the work of the Chief Minister (excluding Financial Services) and the Minister for Treasury and Resources. This remit covers a range of aspects which includes digital, employment and procurement to taxes and financial planning.

The Panel has reviewed and collated the work it has undertaken since its establishment by the States in June 2018, in order to assist its successor Panel in the next session. 

Review progress

This report sets out:

Terms of reference

  • The work undertaken by the Panel during the session 2018 to 2022;
  • Methods of working used by the Panel; and,
  • Suggestions for issues that a successor Panel may wish to consider in developing its work programme.

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