R.154/2022 - A Review of The Our Hospital Project - Scrutiny review

Scrutiny review - Future Hospital Review Panel

Launch date: 21/11/2022

Review status: Comments published

What is the review about?

​The Future Hospital Review Panel has been re-established in November 2022 in order to scrutinise the most recent developments in the long-running project to develop a new hospital for Jersey.

Following the 2022 General Election and the appointment of the Council of Ministers in July of the same year, the Chief Minister committed to reviewing the approved Our Hospital Project. The purpose of the review was to consider whether any changes could be made to the hospital project to deliver a more affordable and appropriate alternative.

The Government presented R.154/2022 – A Review of The Our Hospital Project to the States Assembly in early November 2022. It identifies one of the next steps as seeking approval from the States Assembly to take forward a phased multi-site approach to the Our Hospital Project instead of the already agreed single-site option at Overdale.

Given that a full outline business case has yet to be developed (and indeed is expected to be developed once the approval is received) it was deemed appropriate to examine the robustness of the review and examine the decision making and governance arrangements which have led to this proposed change in policy ahead of any debate in the States Assembly.

Review progress

The Review Panel is due to hold a public hearing with the Minister for Infrastructure on Tuesday 29th November at 3:45pm

Terms of reference

​The terms of reference for the Review Panel are:

1. To examine the methodology and robustness of the ‘Our Hospital Project’ review and assess the decision-making processes and governance arrangements surrounding it. 

2. To assess the robustness of the consultation process that was undertaken as part of the ‘Our Hospital Review’.

3. To establish the basis of the cost savings identified in the ‘Our Hospital Project’ Review and determine the robustness of this evidence for decision making by the States Assembly.  

4. To identify the timescales and next steps to be taken by Ministers in relation to the ‘Our Hospital Project’ and any implications that may arise for the States Assembly in relation to the Government Plan 2023-26.


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