New Healthcare Facilities Programme - Review

Scrutiny review - Future Hospital Review Panel

Launch date: 16/03/2023

Review status: Report published

What is the review about?

The Future Hospital Review Panel was re-established in November 2022 to scrutinise the most recent developments in the long-running project to develop a new hospital for Jersey.

The ‘Our Hospital Project’ (approved by the previous States Assembly) was effectively halted in December 2022 following approval of the 2023 – 2026 Government Plan which withdrew funding for the single site hospital building on the Overdale site.

The Government has since presented R.154/2022 – A Review of The Our Hospital Project to the States Assembly which sought a phased multi-site approach to providing the facilities the Island needs.

This approach was consolidated by the Government by the presentation to the States Assembly of a second report – R.32/2023 – Approach to Delivering New Healthcare Facilities.

The Panel’s objective is to monitor the progress and governance of the Government’s New Healthcare Facilities Programme.

Terms of reference

  • To examine the Government’s progress in developing the project to deliver new healthcare facilities for Jersey, including the functional briefs and feasibility studies for:
    • The long-term use of the former Les Quennevais School
    • The revision of plans for the Overdale site (including the use of land acquired)
    • The use and development of the General Hospital
    • Development and purchase of land at Gloucester Street and Kensington Place
    • The extension of the scope to other locations
  • To monitor the governance of the project to deliver new healthcare facilities and the former Our Hospital Project, including the assembly of a new project team.
  • To monitor current and anticipated spending on the project to deliver new healthcare facilities.
  • To monitor the continued use of current healthcare locations and any risks to services presented by those locations.
  • To monitor Government communication with healthcare professionals, stakeholders and the public to ensure that they are clear, honest and targeted.



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