Overpayment of Income Support Benefits

Scrutiny review - Health and Social Security Panel

Launch date: 30/05/2023

Review status: Call for evidence

What is the review about?

A Review of Overpayment of Income Support Benefits has been launched by the Health and Social Security Panel to understand the extent and causes of benefit overpayments and the effects that overpayments have on claimants of Income Support benefits.

On 4th May 2023, the Panel attended a briefing on the matter of Income Support Benefit Overpayments as a result of it being raised as a recurrent issue by members of the general public. During the briefing, the Panel were informed that, due to Income Support benefits being paid in advance, the issue of overpayments was inevitable.

In order to understand the implications of Income Support benefit overpayments, the Panel will be seeking evidence from Income Support claimants, local charities and community groups and Government Ministers and Departments.

Review progress

​​The Panel launched its review on Monday 30th May 2023 and will be gathering evidence from key stakeholders over the coming weeks. 

Terms of reference

  1. To assess the extent and causes of Income Support benefit overpayments.
  2. To assess the current policy and rules regarding repayments.
  3. To consider the impact of overpayments on those in receipt of the income support benefit, including family members and delegates. 
  4. To assess the actions, if any, that are being taken by the Minister for Social Security to address this issue.
  5. To consider possible solutions to the overpayment of income support and ways of minimising its prevalence and/or impact.  




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